Bride of Frankenstein or TOP stars who have obviously gone too far with plastic surgery

As the saying goes, beauty is a terrible power, and being in an aspiration of the perfect appearance some of the female representatives forget about any adequacy. So, women, wishing to make their appearance even more perfect, use plastic surgeons and agree to various kinds of interventions and injections. But is it as harmless as it seems? After all, many have already paid with their “sweet” face and now they cannot even restore their original appearance. What is surprising, celebrities in this matter are not an exception and here are the TOP of those with whom plastic operations played a cruel joke.

• Emmanuelle Beart
When, in 2003, a photo of nude Beart adorned the July issue of the French Elle, the magazine was sold out from kiosks literally in a day. But the editors not casually chose a photo in which the actress is in the sea turned with her back to the camera. The thing is that in this way they managed to hide the consequences of the numerous interventions of plastic surgeons, due to which the face of Emmanuelle looks awful at the moment. The actress made her first plastic surgery at the age of 27, having enlarged her lips. Subsequently, she had to do more than one operation, trying to correct each of the previous ones. Today, 54-year-old Emmanuelle Beart is one of the most vehement opponents of plastic surgery. In her interviews, the actress more than once confessed that this experience had traumatized her very deeply and from one thought of an injection she shudders.

• Elsa Patton
It is quite possible to confuse the actress with a character from a horror movie, although, in fact, just a rich American woman once decided that it was better to prick her face with a Botox than to allow any wrinkles to appear on it. And so it started … Today, 76-year-old socialite and a participant of the reality show “Housewives of Miami” has become the favorite character of many American tabloids. Thanks to her participation in the most popular TV show, Elsa appears at social events, parties and the red carpet very often. But, to be honest, looking at her, you realize how, sometimes, is important to stop in time.

• Meg Ryan
Since the end of the 70s, Meg’s pretty face has often flashed into every new and well-known film, driving crazy the crowd of fans. But, naturally, over some time, the wrinkles began to appear on the face of the actress. Not wishing to succumb to the time influence, she rushed to “save” her face, full lips and dimples on her cheeks. Unfortunately, the actress is so got involved that now it hard to recognize her at all. Once disappeared from the screens in the 2000s for quite a long time, she suddenly appeared at one of the events and, literally, shocked everyone with her appearance. Having made her lips much plump and filled in her cheekbones with fillers, one could hardly recognize sweet old Meg in her.

• Kim Basinger
And although Kim still does not have any wrinkles and is shooting in erotic films, it is already difficult to call her the perfect beauty. For the first time the actress used a plastic surgeon in her youth: at that time, she dared on the plastic of the nose and lips. Now it is clear that Kim has become more difficult to cope with facial expressions, because her face is overtightened and too pricked with Botox. Fans of the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”, where Basinger performed the role of the former mistress of the main character, were especially convinced of this.

And do you know the actors who have been spoiled their faces with a plastic surgery? How do you personally feel about such procedures?

From the ugly duckling to a beautiful swan or stars who have become much more pretty since their childhood

Naturally, looking at perfectly beautiful celebrities, we often think that they have always been like this. However, if you delve into the archives and find their children’s or youthful photos, you realize that all this “ideality” came with time, or, more correctly to say, with financial resources. Thus, we have found several examples of celebrities, for whom, by no means perfect appearance since birth has become a pass to Hollywood. In these cases, desire, hard work, willingness to change for the sake of a dream, and, perhaps, even the ability to hide one’s weaknesses played a more important role.

• Megan Fox
The actress does not hide the fact that at one time she often turned to plastic surgeons in order to correct some defects of her appearance, at least to make a more delicate nose shape, to correct lips, cheekbones and chest. In addition, being a child, Fox had crooked teeth, which she also fixed, having applied to the orthodontist in time. But despite all this, at the moment Megan Fox is considered the sex symbol of Hollywood, and the guys who mocked from her in childhood, probably, have long been kicking themselves, watching the life of the beautiful actress.

• Tom
Of course, you were sure that even in his youth this handsome man was conquering the hearts of all the girls and was the king of the parties. But, far from it! The presence of crooked teeth, short stature and problems with diction made young Cruise to complex terribly. Nevertheless, now the actor is one of the main heartbreakers in the world of cinema, and there hardly is a company, which does not want to get Tom’s gorgeous smile in its advertising poster.

• Victoria Beckham
Although Victoria was born in a fairly wealthy family, it did not protect her from the mockery and ridicule from her peers. However, since her teen age, deciding to become an actress, Victoria began to attend drama school, where she not only learned acting skills and vocals, but also overcame her shyness. And, although today there are many versions, whether Beckham had become prettier in natural way or with the help of plastic surgery, this does not interfere her from being one of the most beautiful and successful women in the UK.

• Zac Efron
Yes, yes, this pretty boy and the favorite of all young girls is also added to our list. Since childhood, Zac dreamed of becoming an actor, therefore constantly attended theater circles and developed in this direction. Looking at him now, it’s hard to believe that the owner of an ideal athletic body, maddening millions of female fans, earlier was the most common botanist, who, moreover, was even embarrassed to smile because of the large gap between his teeth.

• Kate Hudson
Well, Hudson, indeed, in her childhood resembled an ugly duckling, being lop-eared and having a too wide nose … However, Kate did not resort to any plastic interventions, even when she became already an adult. “How does she manage to be one of the most attractive actresses in Hollywood?” – you will ask. Everything is very simple: she learned how to hide her flaws correctly, and sometimes even present them as advantages.

And who else from celebrities with a similar story do you know?

Healthy breakfast: what products you should and shouldn’t eat in the morning

What does your breakfast look like? Coffee with sweet pastries? Yogurt with banana? Or maybe raw vegetables? And, for sure, you are certain that your breakfast is proper, that’s why you may, probably, be extremely surprised to know that it is not exactly so. What products you need to eat in the morning and which of them are useful and safe for the body, and which are not, we are going to tell you now.

• Sweet baking – no, eggs – yes
First of all, we are in a rush to dispel the myth that bread is unhealthy, you will surely get fat eating it and it should be completely excluded from the diet. Nothing like this! There is a lot of useful substances and trace elements in bread, therefore, it must be present in the diet. However, it is necessary to control the amount of bread consumed, because, usually, the main problem lies precisely in this. Also pay attention to the time of consumption of bakery products. Undoubtedly many people know that these foods should be eaten in the morning. But in no way on an empty stomach! This is especially true for buns, cheesecakes and other fancy bread: they contain not only a large amount of sugar, but also a lot of yeast, which, while irritating the stomach walls, increase gas formation. Replace pastries and any breads with eggs. One or two eggs for breakfast will not only provide the body with the necessary amount of healthy protein, but also will give a feeling of satiety for a long time.

• Yoghurt should be replaced with porridge
The presence of yogurt on this list may seem very strange. Many commercials say that there is nothing tastier and healthier in the morning than a jar of your favorite yogurt. However, the point is that the bacteria that enter the body with fermented milk products, is actually not so necessary for the body in the morning time, because organism copes well by himself. Thus, it turns out that, while eating yogurt on an empty stomach, the bacteria immediately die, being already in an acidic environment anyway. Consequently, in this case, the use of yogurt is not so much harmful as senseless. This breakfast is best to be replaced with porridges: buckwheat, oatmeal, etc. For example, regular consumption of oatmeal porridge helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood, while buckwheat or corn porridges helps to normalize the work of the intestine and the digestive system as a whole.

• Remove bananas, eat nuts or watermelon
Many of us often supplement our breakfast with a banana and hardly think that in fact bananas are not as useful as it may seem. Moreover, they can even be called harmful because of some trace elements, which they contain. For example, bananas are rich in magnesium, but since it is absorbed too quickly, it increases the load on the heart. Therefore, it is better to replace bananas with the eggs or nuts that contribute to the improvement of the digestive system. In addition, in summer time bananas can be easily replaced with watermelon. Unlike to a banana, watermelon contains lycopene, which has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

The same applies to raw vegetables or coffee consumed on an empty stomach. It is better to replace these products, because they often provoke heartburn and a general feeling of discomfort. And what kind of breakfasts do you prefer? What products do you predominantly eat in the morning?

Curious facts about famous people that you can hardly find in school books

History is not only lifeless dates, as many of us are accustomed to think from the school time. It is also incredible events, stunning personalities and, no less, fascinating facts about them. To study history from this viewpoint is certainly much more interesting. Moreover, the information is perceived much easier and remembered faster in this way. So, we found some nontrivial facts about famous personalities and we are sure that you hardly ever heard about this before. Therefore, we are gladly in a hurry to share them with you.

• Joan of Arc
It is well known that in the days of Joan’s life, it was almost impossible to find a girl with short hair. Another equally well-known fact is that the French heroine was motivated for all actions by certain voices in her head. So, once, it were they, who pushed her to cut her hair off. But, did you know that after almost 500 years after her death, the Polish hairdresser, having been inspired by this very fact, created one of the most popular women’s haircuts of nowadays – a short bob.

• Voltaire
According to historical information, Voltaire adored coffee, drinking up to 50 cups per day! Although, it was not quite familiar to us coffee, but a kind of chocolate-coffee drink. However, because of this addiction, the philosopher was often predicted an early death. Nevertheless, despite such various statements, Voltaire lived the whole 83 years.

• Abraham Lincoln
Each of us knows Lincoln as one of the greatest US presidents. But it turns out that being young he was an experienced wrestler, who, by the way, often himself defied the crowd in order to fight with everyone who was willing. Appositely, he even had the nickname “Honest Abe”, which he deserved due to his habit to always completely repay all debts.

• Spanish King Alfonso XIII
Probably few people have even heard of the king of Spain himself, but his personality is connected with a rather extraordinary fact. At the court of Alfonso XIII there was a very strange position – the anthem-man. The main task of the anthem-man was to warn the king in time when the national anthem was playing. And all this because Alfonso XIII was completely devoid of musical ear and could not distinguish the national anthem from any other melody.

• Marilyn Monroe
And our list completes the favorite of the many Marilyn, because actually very few people know that one of the most successful and beautiful actresses of all times and nations had a very difficult childhood. Being a child, Marilyn lived in a shelter, because her mother had been treated in a psychiatric hospital for a long time. During the time in a shelter, 11 families wanted to adopt little Marilyn, but each time they returned the girl back.

And do you know any unusual facts about famous historical personalities? Share in the comments, please.

At 40 like 25: the secrets from Chinese beauties how to look much younger of your real age

In the modern world in times of rapid development of plastic surgery and the beauty industry as a whole, it’s hard not to think how to prolong your youth. Somebody is helped by nature itself, rewarding with good genetic data. But even good genetics don’t guarantee that you will always be a good looking. Therefore, anyway wishing to preserve an attractive appearance, you should bother with this question. Thus, for example, anyone who has ever visited China note a great external look of the majority of women from the Celestial Empire. What interesting, that here it is often difficult to say how old a woman really is: many of those who look at 20-25 often turn out to be at least 40. What is the secret of this phenomenon? We tried to sort out this issue and, after going through a lot of publications and life hacks on this matter, identified several basic principles that Asian women follow in order to maintain their perfect appearance as long as possible. And it’s not plastic, as many of us are sure.

• Drink a lot of water
Rule # 1. All nutritionists, fitness trainers and doctors trumpeting about this at every turn. And not without reason. Water – the basis of the existence of living organisms. And being one of the main elements of vital activity it is very important for the normal functioning of our body. So, Chinese women regularly drink a lot of water. Since childhood, they get used always to carry a bottle of water, and the coolers and dispensers in China can be found in any public place.

• Protect your skin from the sun
Since time immemorial, light skin color has been considered a sign of belonging to an aristocratic society. Today, Chinese people are convinced that it is necessary to protect oneself from the sun, at least in order to prevent premature aging of the skin. That’s why local girls constantly use sunscreen and try not to spend much time on the sun.

• Plan your daily routine
One of the most prominent features in China is the daily routine. Special attention is paid to eating and sleeping. Many even trying to find time to take a nap after lunch – often this happens right at the working place.

• Sweet – no, seaweed – yes
It is no secret to anyone that Chinese cuisine is very much different from European. For example, in China, seaweed constitute the most important part of the diet. Thanks to vitamins and chlorophyll, algae are able to rejuvenate the skin, making it more elastic. They are also rich in protein, which helps to prevent aging. Cellulose, in turn, gives the body a feeling of satiety for a long time. As for sweets, they are also significantly unlike from European ones. The main difference is that the desserts are 100% sugar free, which makes them as safe as possible for the figure and the body as a whole.

• Calmness and only calmness
Another fundamentally noticeable difference is the ability of Chinese women to maintain the most calm facial expression in any situation. Such a lack of pronounced emotions helps to preserve young skin of the face for longer time: the fewer facial muscles are involved, the less will mimic wrinkles appear.

And what are you doing to preserve your beauty and youth? What methods are helping to you?

TOP frankly stupid inventions, which nevertheless enriched their authors

It may seem that it is impossible to surprise the world nowadays. Nevertheless, there are still “geniuses” capable of creating something unimaginable and still shocking the public with their inventions. Moreover, even if some of these inventions seem to a sensible person to be complete nonsense, there are those who are ready to use it in everyday life. So, we collected the TOP of the most stupid recent inventions, which, however, have enriched their creators.

• Chin rest
The person who invented this thing clearly did not get enough sleep or at least was tormented by the question – how to help people who get up early for work? How to give them to sleep for at least an hour longer? And he managed to find a solution to this problem by inventing a special support for the head. So, now you can go to work and have a little nap even standing.

• Baby Mop
As the saying goes, use the child correctly. When children begin to crawl or are just learning to walk, dress them up in special baby suit-mop. Such baby suit will not only help protect the child from bruises during the fall, but at the same time will facilitate the cleaning process for the mother: after all, while the child is crawling to the destination, he will wipe the floor in passing.

• Stencil for lipstick
Many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are familiar with the feeling when you want a perfectly clear lip contour, but you got what you got. Well, it is not a problem anymore! Now we have a special stencil, which will help you to make your lips contour perfectly clear!

• Solar cigarette lighter
Probably, the one who invented this gadget was guided by the “unreliability” of already existing methods: the lighters run out of gas, matches can dampen. But the magnifier will always help out who wants to light up. True, this is not without defects too, because if there is no sun or you are somewhere in a room, this device will hardly rescue you.

• Sanitary napkin holder
In this case, it is not particularly clear what was so genius in fasten an ordinary holder for toilet paper on the head, but the author of this invention thought that such a thing could be undoubtedly useful. Actually, we, unlike the author, are still not sure that a small package of sanitary napkins, which fits in any handbag or pocket, should be replaced with such construction on the top of the head.

• Pencil with butter
Glue stick more than once rescued us in everyday life. But only imagine if instead of glue there would be a butter inside the pencil! So the author did and decided that this was a great idea that should be presented to the world. Honestly, even though the invention looks very strange, it is, indeed, very convenient to use and even claims to be one of the most adequate in this list. The only thing that the process of creating such a gadget is too expensive, therefore can hardly be implemented on a global scale.

And how do you like these things? Would you like to try something? What strange inventions have you ever met?

Extend youth in Japanese way

Thanks to the efforts of Japanese beauty professionals over the past few years there have been created many different gadgets, which are called to help the female population of the planet to preserve their youth and beauty as long as possible. Truly saying, most of these gadgets look rather strange and some of them even can be confused with a tool for torture. Nevertheless, manufacturers convince us in their effectiveness and Japanese beauties trustingly test each of the new devices on themselves. As the saying goes, what you can’t do to look perfect. So, here are a few of such weird inventions:

• Silicone lips
Face Slimmer – a device in the form of silicone lips, which helps to restore the tone of sagging skin of the face. Instructions for use are no less fun than the external look of this device. Everything is very simple: having fixed the simulator in your mouth, you need to pronounce the vowels for 3-5 minutes. Manufacturers claim that during this exercise, 12 facial muscles, which are responsible for a clear facial contour, are involved in the process and thus, the use of the simulator helps not only to restore, but also to maintain the perfect shape of the face.

• Voice simulator
Beauty Voice Trainer is a gadget that helps to make your voice higher and more enjoyable. The simulator is designed to change the usual position of the tongue, forcing the user to breathe a diaphragm. It’s also “equipped” with a tuning fork for setting the desired tone more carefully.

• Lifting simulator
Facial Lift at Once – another device that helps in the fight against the age. All you need is to install a dummy simulator in your mouth and wait for a slight tingling. Endure it for 3-5 minutes every day and, as the manufacturers claim, very soon your face will look at least 5 years younger.

• Massager for head
Head Kenzan Japanese Massager is a rather scary-looking head massager. The instruction states that there are whole 92 ways to use this “hat”. It is actually hard to believe in it, but, however, the several types of non-traditional massage can be surely figured out with the help of this thing.

• Gadget to change the shape of the nose
Beauty Nose Butterfly – a butterfly-clip, which helps to correct the shape of the nose. This gadget is considered the most gentle one among similar analogues, while not particularly inferior in efficiency. As is the case with the other similar devices, the barrette should be worn for only 3-5 minutes. Manufacturers promise that regular use of the “butterfly” will give the desired result in just a one month.

And what do you think about such inventions? Would you like to test something like that?

TOP things which self-respecting woman will not save money on

When a woman appreciates herself, she does not stint buying quality things. Moreover, cheap things very often cause not only low self-esteem, but also undermine health. A poor-quality mattress spoils the posture, a cheap foundation mars the face, and the savings on hair dyeing can ruin even the most elaborated image. Therefore, we would like to share a small list of things which, as it seems to us, we shouldn’t spare money for, and every self-respecting woman certainly need to remember this.

• Good mattress
First, poor quality mattress can cause constant fatigue, that is very bad, given the already intense pace of modern life. In addition, you risk to face serious problems with your posture. By the way, even the manufacturers themselves advise to change the mattress every 8 years, because it becomes more subtle and pressed in any case. This fact is also confirmed by doctors.

• Quality desserts
It is not a secret for anybody that the majority of women simply can’t imagine their life without sweets. But, unfortunately, it is also known that sweet is harmful to health, therefore it is not recommended to be eaten a lot. Consumption sweets and cakes has a negative effect not only on the figure, but also on the gastric mucosa. Thus, if you really want to pamper yourself with sweets, give preference to a quality dessert from a pastry shop or visit a good restaurant, where you can usually find something very attractive as well. But don’t clog the stomach with pounds of sweets from the shop.

• Hair coloring
Fortunately, today there are a lot of manufacturers who, at quite reasonable prices, offer cosmetics that are not inferior in quality to products from expensive brands. This also applies to hair dyes. It is clear that every woman wants to have as smooth and silky hair as the models and actresses in advertising do. The only problem is that not every can afford herself visits to expensive salons. However, do not rush to extremes using very cheap hair dye products. They not only spoil the hair and scalp, but also often dye the hair completely differently from the shade you originally imagined. So, that’s why it is better not to spare money, and either go to a good master, or give preference to a better, but still affordable, dye from reputable manufacturers.

• Hand care
Well-groomed hands have always been considered an excellent indicator that a woman takes care of herself. And it is not only about the regular use of the cream. Don’t forget also to use rubber gloves during cleaning, as well as wear warm gloves during the cold season. In addition, avoid excessively cold or hot water: from washing hands in such water microcracks appear. And if we take into account the fact that it is the hands that often give out our real age, then, indeed, they especially need daily care.

• Tone foundation
Choosing a tonal foundation, remember that it is needed in order to complement the natural beauty, but not “paint over” it. The cheap foundation not only badly lays down and stands out strongly on the skin, but also it clogs the pores, dries the skin, and sometimes, on the contrary, makes it too oily. At the same time, high-quality foundation helps to even out the tone of the face and protect the skin from the negative influence of the environment. Plus, as practice shows, high-quality foundation is enough for at least six months, while cheap funds are finished much faster. So, if we consider this factor, its price may seem not so high.

And what about you? What is your opinion about sparing money for these things? What else do you think a woman should not spare money for in any case?

Why is it helpful to stay a while without a relationship?

To have serious relationships is great. And to have serious relationships that are based on mutual love and respect is even much better. But if you recently broke up with your beloved one or you just temporarily don’t want to make any serious relations, this also has its advantages. And here is a couple of them, which are even proven by science.

• Slimming
According to the research of German and Swiss scientists, people who are married eat much more than those who do not have a stable relationship. On the other hand, the first ones do less sports, and therefore, as a rule, weigh a few pounds more. At a first glance, the difference is not significant, but in fact it is quite a lot, if you look from the point of view that a high rate of BMI increases the risks of developing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and some types of cancer.

• Healthy mental condition
It would seem that the presence of a loved one and a stable partner should have a positive effect on the mental state of a person, but, alas, the results of many studies claims the opposite. Thus, people who have not had a partner for a long time are much more self-sufficient and focused on the constant development of their personality. Also, loners are less susceptible to the appearance of negative emotions and are not so much succumb to any negative influence.

• Higher sociability level
According to experts, single people are more social. They spend more time in the society of little-known people, and not only feel themselves more relaxed in such a company, but also use public support more effectively to achieve their goals. In addition, according to experts, social isolation negatively affects health, therefore they recommend even to those, who is in a relationship, to expand their circle of communication, rather than get hung up on each other. Especially considering that the presence of close friends not only contributes to improve your health, but also helps to prolong life.

• Higher productivity
According to some studies, if a person feels happy without a relationship, this also affects his professional activity in a striking way, not only increasing his level of efficiency, but also making him more creative. This, in turn, helps a person to feel more satisfied with his standard of living in general. Why it is happening so? Experts believe that the main role in this issue is that lonely people, in principle, feel more freedom of action, therefore tend to express themselves more. Plus, they have the opportunity to make closer friendships.

And what do you think? Are there any advantages to being alone sometimes? Have you had similar periods? What positive changes have you noted in yourself or in your life in general?

TOP 5 wives of celebrities who look out of standard

We have become accustomed to the fact that all successful and beautiful celebrities choose the equally beautiful and successful companions to themselves. Famous actors get marry with stunning actresses or models, and enviable brides tie their life with millionaires. But as any rule this one also has its exceptions. And we are ready to share with you the TOP of the most famous couples, where wives look quite “unformatted” alongside with their attractive and successful men. Nevertheless, as the saying goes, heart wants what the heart wants, and neither appearance nor money, nor origin has no matter for a true love.

Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith
Handsome Brosnan won millions of women’s hearts ever since 1995 after the release of a movie about courageous handsome James Bond. And despite the fact that the actor has a lot in common with his hero and he could win the heart of any beauty, he married a journalist Keely Shaye Smith. In fairness, we can’t deny the fact that in her youth, Keely looked quite attractive. But since then, many years have passed and today she has changed a lot, gaining a fair amount of weight. However, neither Keely nor Pierce is embarrassed by her curvaceous forms: she does not struggle with being overweight, and he is sure that his wife is perfect.

Hugh Laurie and Jo Green
Although Laurie can hardly be counted to the most handsome men of Hollywood, yet the audience loves him for his incredible charisma and sharp mind. Apparently, he also fell in love with his wife for her mind and inner qualities, because you can hardly call her beautiful one. They met long ago, back in the 80s, when Jo worked as a theater administrator. According to Hugh, it was incredibly easy to communicate with her and he was very impressed by her unconventional sense of humor and business acumen. So, the actor realized that the usual friendship grew into something more and made to Jo a marriage proposal. Since then, the couple has not been separated, having officially been lived together for almost 30 years already.

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness
Jackman has repeatedly hit the lists of the most beautiful people of the planet and, probably, many beauties would like to be next to him, but, alas, his heart has long been occupied. He met his wife back in the distant 90s, when Furness was one of the most sought-after actresses, while he was an unknown guy at that time. The couple got married, even despite the fact that Deborra-Lee is older than Hugh for the whole 13 years.

Josh Holloway and Yessica Kumala
Probably there is no fan of the TV series “Lost”, who would not have dreamed of getting the heart of handsome Josh Holloway. However, he is married to his old girlfriend, Yessica Kumala, whom he made an offer immediately after he finished the filming in the aforementioned series. He knows that many women like him, but in spite of everything, he remains faithful to his wife and appreciates his family very much.

And what do you think about this? Is a handsome famous man necessarily to get marry with an equally remarkable woman? And what cases of not formatted marriages do you know?